Justin Tackett


Justin grew up in Arkansas and attended the University of Arkansas. After college he spent a number of years guiding Elk hunts in the fall, duck hunts in the winter and spending his spring and summers as a fly-fishing guide. He also inspired JD Salinger to write "Catcher in the Rye"... okay, maybe not but it wasn't long after when ESPN came calling.

In 1994 he became a regular on-air contributor to ESPN's outdoor block providing viewers advice on everything from technical clothing to retriever training. In 1998 he was one of the founding organizers of ESPN's Great Outdoor Games.  Through the GOG's success, Justin created a number of spin-offs shows, ESPN's Fly-Fishing Challenge which he co-hosted with NFL great John Riggins as well as the Super Retriever Series, (co-hosted with Tommy Sanders) aired on both ESPN and NBC Sports for 15 seasons. Justin operated a number of hunting and fishing operations from Southern Chile to South Dakota. Justin also hosted the multi-award winning television series Ducks Unlimited Waterdog for 8 seasons with his girl Yella.

As his children begun to get older, traveling became less appealing and Justin began working purely as a marketing consultant. His first client was Proctor Gamble where he had great success working on the Iam's and Eukanuba brands where he led a $450,000,000 revival of their sporting sales.  Not long after he worked with Avery Outdoors and oversaw their marketing as the company more than doubled sales in 36 months. 

DNT Media was actually the brainchild of Steve Dannaway.  Justin and Steve met and worked together as Steve ran the research department for ESPN during the GOG's.  Their skill sets compliment each other well and they're close friends.  Justin will tell you to this day..."Steve Dannaway may be the most all-around talented individual I've ever met." Over the last decade DNT Media has worked with literally hundreds of companies.  They've worked with a half dozen billion dollar brands, a number of successful start-ups as well as a helping revive and breathe new life into multiple established companies.

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