About Bronson

Bronson Stinson was born in Sedalia, MO. He spent his time as a youth in Georgia, as well as Oklahoma. In 2007, Bronson graduated high school in Bartlesville, OK. He then went to Henderson State University for a semester followed by a semester at the University of Central Oklahoma before ultimately realizing college was not for him. Although he knew the collegiate route was not for him, Bronson still had yet to discover his passion in life at this point. From the time he was a little kid, he always favored art in various mediums to express himself. One day he stumbled upon editing videos for social media, which led to him becoming highly passionate about video editing. In Bronson’s spare time between working many different types of jobs (i.e. the service industry, retail management and maintenance work) he would spend this time editing videos, usually into the wee hours of the night. He was not sure where this path would take him, but he continued to edit in hopes that when opportunity presented itself, he would be ready. And then one day DNT Media reached out to him, affording him the opportunity to not walk, but run with his passion and he has not looked back since.


Bronson Stinson