About Layne

Layne Huddleston was born and raised in Bryant, Arkansas. He was a member of the Legacy of Bryant marching band as a saxophone player and also studied mobile application design in a computer science program that Bryant High School was testing out at the time.

After graduating, Layne started college at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in August of 2015. He spent his first year as a Computer Science major, but found that simply coding all day felt lacking. Two semesters later, he changed his major to Web Design and Development and found fulfillment in the multifaceted field of Web Development. Layne graduated in May of 2019 with his Bachelor in Web Design and Development, as well as a Technical Certificate in Graphic Design.

Shortly after graduating, Layne married his high school sweetheart, April. They and their menagerie of pets are residents of Benton, AR.

Layne has 2 years of Web Design experience and is excited to continue his growth as a web developer at DNT Media.


Layne Huddleston

Web Development Manager