Jordy Herring

Graphic Designer

Jordy Herring Jordy was born and raised in Altus Oklahoma. Growing up Jordy loved art and took as many classes as he could. When it came time to decide what he wanted to do in life he knew it wanted to be something creative and something that he was passionate about. He attended Southwestern Oklahoma State University pursuing a degree in Graphic Design. Along the way he had the chance to work as an intern alongside General Thomas P. Stafford, former NASA astronaut and Air Force test pilot.

Graduating in 2018 Jordy moved to Oklahoma City where he continued his career in Graphic Design. It was a great change of pace getting to move to a bigger city and working full time learning and growing in the industry. Oklahoma was a wonderful place and would always be home. He had experienced just about everything the State had to offer (even got offered to get kissed by Joe Exotic while feeding one of his Giraffes; politely declined).

January 2021 Jordy moved to Little Rock Arkansas with the love of his life Haley! Very happy to have moved and excited to experience what the Natural State has to offer. Hunting, fishing, hiking etc. are all right up his alley.