Grace Holley

Graphic Designer

Grace Holley Grace Holley is our new intern here at DNT Media working in Graphic Design. She is currently a student at the University of Arkansas going into her Sophomore year. After graduating from Bryant High School, Grace knew she wanted to pursue an art degree. She was recently accepted into the Graphic Design Program at the University of Arkansas and has plans to double major in Graphic Design and Political Science. Though these degrees are not typically paired she’s excited to explore how these two fields can intersect.

As an intern, Grace works within the digital media department to develop work for clients to gain a better understanding of how creating digital media looks beyond a class setting. Grace is eager to learn new digital programs as well as create relationships with her new coworkers.

During her time at the University, Grace enjoys serving the student body through leadership positions and volunteering at campus events. She currently serves as the Director of Graphic Design for the Associated Student Government and as Vice President for a climate justice student organization, Zero Hour. Through these experiences, Grace believes that she can develop her abilities as a designer to increase communication and accessibility among the student body and continue to carry that skillset beyond university involvement.

In her spare time, Grace enjoys painting, drawing, and messing around with any type of art medium.

“I enjoy working at DNT Media because I have the opportunity to surround myself with hardworking people who are willing to continuously answer my questions and help me grow as an individual who is new to the field of graphic design.”