David Korenblat

Creative Director

David brings 16 years of professional experience as designer, writer, and all around creative mojo to his desk each morning, promptly at 7:55 am. David specializes in computer illustration, digital imaging, print production, copy writing, events execution and is the inventor of astrology for cats. As a graphic artist, David has worked for state government, several local ad agencies, a funeral home, an alleged serial fraudster, a furniture retailer, a grocer supplier, local politicians (both crooked and honorable), and has made countless hilariously photoshopped pictures of his family and pets. Over the years, David has worked on several high-profile projects, a few of which received national recognition and awards. David firmly holds a BA from University of Missouri in English (his first language), and an Associates Degree from the Art Institute of Atlanta in Graphic Design (his 2nd language).

David’s diverse background has more than prepared him to meet any challenge, and he is capable of starting, promoting and finishing projects in a timely manner. David fancies himself a student of art and pop culture, but his real love is the outdoors. On most weekends you will find him exploring Arkansas's trails, wading through trout streams and, more often than not, arguing with squirrels. Once, he saw a blimp.

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