Danny Hemphill

Web Developer

I was raised in Jacksonville, Arkansas. I now live in North Little Rock with my wife and three children, two boys and a girl age 6 – 12. My mother is from Coy, a town right outside of England and my father is from Lonoke, Arkansas. I love to spend time with my family, fish, golf, play video games, watch movies, and work in my yard.

My favorite TV shows is Seinfeld and Family Guy, one of my favorite movies is Office Space and my favorite author is Stephen King.

Whether it’s watching conferences or listening to podcast I love anything web development. I think the thing I like most is there’s always a new problem to solve. I can say curiosity is what keeps me motivated.

I am currently learning Design Systems, D3, Gatsby, JAMstack, UI/UX Development and any other new acronym or language that interests me and helps me solve a problem.

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