Alex Matherne

Brand Manager

Alex Matherne Alex Matherne is a graduate from the University of Louisiana at Monroe. Alex was born and raised in Monroe, LA alongside his 8 other brothers and sisters (yes, 1 of 9). After graduating high school, he was unsure of the direction he wanted to move and joined ULM in general studies. After a semester of being “undeclared,” Alex took a trip to Houston, TX, with his dad to visit his uncle, an Air Traffic Controller at Houston Center. It took one tour of the facility and hours of watching jets scream past the tower (recalling fond memories of throwing paper airplanes in the back yard) for Alex to realize he wanted to work in the aviation industry. The next semester he changed his major to Aviation Management and got to work, accepting a part time job as a Geek Squad Agent to help pay for college.

Video Highlight of Alex Matherne

While attending university and taking flight lessons towards his major, Alex accepted an internship with a local non-profit, Pilots for Patients: a passionate group of volunteer pilots who fly patients to their treatment facilities. During his time with the non-profit, Alex learned the ins-and-outs of marketing, events, and the importance of good teamwork and leadership.

After graduating ULM with a degree in Aviation Management, Alex accepted the full-time position of Marketing and Events coordinator at the non-profit. There he helped grow and spread the ministry of PFP across LA and create new marketing avenues to raise funds and recruit pilots. This included crating and launching digital newsletters, shooting and producing new PSA’s to air across the state of Louisiana, scheduling and coordinating fly-ins and speaking engagements, creating fly-along videos of pilots flying patients, and scaling their social media to have the 8th largest volunteer pilot social media reach in the US. Alex worked with the non- profit for 6 years before excitedly joining the DNT Media team.

In his spare time, Alex enjoys fishing, golf, woodworking, wrestling his ball-of-energy chocolate lab, Charlie, and drinking coffee... lots and lots of coffee.

Alex is excited and enthusiastic to be a part of the DNT Media Team and looks forward to a new and exciting chapter in his life.