Mingyang Yu

Junior Web Developer

Qingdao, the only battlefield in China during WW1 is where Mingyang spent the first two decades of his life. Growing up there has certainly taught him how to be absolutely “political right” and never ask questions. However, things started to change after he graduated high school and entered the Cisco network technology training program at Qingdao Technical College.  He soon found great interests in the technical and programming field; what’s more interesting is all the textbooks were from the other side of the Pacific, and it became more and more tempting to go find out what is not yet brought to China from the origin of internet.

Now, six years later, Mingyang has graduated from University of Central Arkansas with a bachelor degree in Computer Science. His interests are still in the computer field and more specifically, web developing. “It brings so much satisfaction to me when I see our products meet customers’ needs, precisely how they want it.”

Mingyang would like to have a compromised way to think among cultures, countries, languages, to see things in perspectives and to learn new things out of known knowledge.

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