Jess Oakley

We are fully aware this is not Jess but rather a stock photo of a businesswoman. Unfortunately, Jess hasn't seen it fit to either take a photo or provide one so until she does, this will be her official company photo.

Jess Oakley

Lead "Giraffphic" Designer

Jess was born in California and moved to Little Rock in the 90s, where she became pretty much the most nerdy person you could ever meet. Everything from marching band to drama to graphic design to sketching on post-it notes to where it looks like the stick figure is moving if you flip them really quickly. She went to UALR and graduated with a B.A. in Technical Writing, but between you and me, she thinks it's kind of boring. She had an emphasis in graphic design and game design through school. Her real passion is for creating, whether it be art, music, literature, graphics, or post-it animations. She's pretty decent at other animations too.

She has been working with Photoshop since high school doing digital art of various cartoons and comic characters and has been working with Illustrator and InDesign since 2009 when her mom commissioned her to make a logo for her baked goods in-home business, Fire and Icing. Her mom's a total pro at cakes. Since then she's been doing independent graphic design for small and personal businesses, ranging from Etsy logos to business cards to mascots. She only just picked up After Effects in July of 2018 and has since made several GIF and video animations, and still refuses Mr. Dannaway's assertion that it's pronounced "jyif," no matter what the creator says. It is clearly a graphic image. It is not a "giraffphic" image.

Jess started at DNT Media in June of 2018 and loves it. Jess and her partner Alex have one precocious daughter and two cats, Phantom and Calypso, a Corgi named Nugget, and a ferret named Socket who generally gets into everything. Her personal hobbies include a small video game company that if they ever actually finish a game, will make her feel a lot more confident in talking about. She's a video game nerd and loves animation in general. Her favorite animators are Studio Ghibli, Hayao Miyazaki himself, Naughty Dog, Bethseda, Bioware, and Glen Keane. She also enjoys painting, digital art, guitar, singing, learning how to program, and long walks in various video games completing quests.

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