Carsten Richter

Senior Web Developer

Carsten is a Northerner who has learned to be a samurai and a southerner over the span of his adventures. He grew up in Buffalo Bills country and finished high school in California. He graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a degree in Japanese and a background in economics.

He took that degree and headed to Japan where he spent half his life. Having taught at both private and public schools, he started his own company that tutored Japanese children in English and out sourced teachers to various educational institutions. Having grown up with an eye for technology he decided to once again focus on programming so he pivoted his company away from just education to developing software and web sites for businesses in Northern Japan. Having spent the majority of his time in education it was only natural to consult for one of the largest Learning Management System developers in Japan.

One day he was asked what he was doing in Japan and for the first time he didn't have a solid answer, so the person who asked him that question offered him a job to develop a full application suit for a school district in Arkansas. To be honest, he didn't know much about the state and wasn't exactly sure where it was expect that it was south of the Mason Dixon Line. He and his wife soon found out that Arkansas is what he likes to call a diamond in the rough and would love to tell everybody how great Arkansas is but would rather keep it a secret.

He released his first open source contributions in 2003 and soon had many people and projects using his code. He was also involved in several famous Open Source Projects where they kept calling him a ninja.

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